About Me

After a childhood of drawing, writing, and being as all-around creative as I possibly could be, I got my first gaming console as a teen. After playing games like ICO and Okami, I immediately fell in love with the potential of games as a medium for incredible, immersive art, and decided that I would dedicate my life to making such art. I graduated Ringing College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in Game Art and Design, and moved out to San Francisco to get a job. Jonathan Blow gave me a chance, and provided the perfect work environment, with a great group of people, tons of creative freedom and opportunities to try my skill in different things. I learned a lot about the important link between art and design in games, and hope to continue making games that are not only beautiful and immersive, but also intelligently and ethically designed, and contribute to driving the medium forward to explore all its potential.

Twitter: @Orsi_Spanyol